Sustainable Innovation. Inspiring Brands.

For nearly four decades EDG has created strategic and sustainable brand solutions that elevate, inspire and influence. A multi-disciplinary design studio, we combine intelligence, imagination, passion and gut level intuition to successfully craft brand identities that enrich customer experience and promote brand loyalty.



Nutrifit brings more to the table...and to the internet. EDG designed a functional and tasty site to compliment NutriFit's new and crisp brand ID system also created by EDG.

Management Systems

Management Systems selected EDG to help differentiate them as top thought leaders and consultants in their field and highlight their expansion of their global network.

Copenhagen Pastry

There's a new bakery in town that merges modern Danish with the traditions of the old country. And with the help of EDG's elegant branding, Copenhagen Pastry is satisfying the cravings of their growing fans.


Grey matter care instructions not included.

There were no care instructions included for that precious mass of soft pink nervous tissue called the brain when we first arrived on planet earth. And even as we baby boomers move towards the retirement years, we still don’t readily think of the importance of brain health. We are only now beginning to realize how critical it is to care for our brains, especially with the increasing incidence of brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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Spellbound for positive change.

HypnoMovement is more than putting someone under a spell, rather, synchronizing one’s mind with their body for positive changes and results.

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GooRoo-U. Who, Who Knew?

What do you do if you’ve got a really BIG idea that could help the world be a better place to live—a new service that will have people waking up each day excited about the work they do, employers hiring the most effective workforce imaginable, students heading down the right career path, and educating those “undecided” about their possible futures?

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