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Oct 30, 2011 / Jul 8, 2011
The (Re)Design Awards Celebrates the Best in Sustainable Design

Oct 2011
The Culture of Green

The Whole Person
JAN 2011
FENG SHUI - The Science
of Natural Alignment

The Stan|D
FALL 2010 / SUMMER 2010
Issue 2 / Issue 1

Green Design
Graphic Design USA E-Newsletter
AUG 2010 / MAY 2009 / MAR 2009

AUG 2010
How to Create a Logo

Communications Arts
MAR 24, 2009
Sound Mind Music Identity

The Wall Street Journal
JAN 23, 2009
For NFL Mascots, Meaner is Better

ABC 7 News
JAN 25, 2008
New England Patriots Logo

Los Angeles Times
JAN 20, 2008
For this dandy doodle, designer
was more like a 30-minute man

Package Design Workbook
The Art and Science of
Successful Packaging

SEPT 2008
Let's Face It: The Rocamojo Brand Rocks!

Journal of Longevity
MAY 15, 2006
The Art of Business Keeps
Him Young and Vital

Design Net
OCT 2003
Designer Showcase

Business Advisor
Strategies & Solutions for Small Businesses from Wells Fargo
Apr 2002
Build a Brand

Communication Arts
Design Annual 41
NOV 2000
Design Competition Judge

Step Inside Design
NOV 1, 1999
It's All in the Envelope