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AIGA (Re)design Awards

The AIGA (Re)design Awards recognizes design that challenges us to (re)think the world and our choices. It is based on our fundamental belief that through better design we can build a better a planet.


EDG Principals and Creative Directors,
Stan and Tricia Evenson, were selected to Co-Chair the 2011 AIGA (Re)designAwards, an international design competition acknowledging the best design thinking in the social responsibility and sustainability realms. We were successful in attracting work from over 14 different countries worldwide starting in July 2010 until
the culmination of our gala event, (Re)xtravaganza! in 2011 at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. As Co-Chairs,
we managed approximately 40 volunteers, selected and coordinated five outstanding judges from around the US, created and art directed everything from an interactive website, a variety of promotional collateral and e-blasts, and planning a Gala event that was beyond extraordinary. Articles such
as “Do Good Design” from the conscious culture and fashion website, EcoSalon, highlighted AIGA (Re)design to help people become more aware that design has a distinct purpose for the enrichment
of our world.