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  • Disney

    Fun is the name of the game at the Disney Channel.


    Walt Disney once said, “I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I’ve ever known.” So when it came time to attract a bigger audience, EDG used vintage Mickey as the hero for a fun-filled Disney Channel direct mail and corporate stationery program. But beyond the fun, this mailer promoted a new preview format offered by DC that used over-the-top graphics, unique folds and bold colors to get potential viewers excited about signing up. Additionally, the Disney Channel continued to transition from a solely premium service into a basic cable channel that was more readily available to viewers to get their affiliates amped up on their new business model. EDG reflected these new changes with a contemporary look for their corporate stationery program with sweeping architectural color fills that would have moved Walt to tears.

  • Disney

    Club Disney was a regional children's play center concept
    operated by Disney Regional Entertainment billed as an
    "imagination-powered playsite".


    Disney saw the need to create a unique environment, away from the hustle of the ever expanding theme park for parents to celebrate with their children in movie themed rooms featuring everything from Princess Tea Party, 101 Dalmatians, The Lion King, Winnie the Pooh and Hercules.

    EDG played a significant role in the launch of Club Disney, creating everything from packaging to the employee uniforms, the official grand opening announcement, collateral and outdoor advertising. Club Disney sprang up in four different locations from Southern California to Arizona and Colorado. Eventually, due to a change in strategy at the corporate level, all Club Disney locations were eventually closed, but EDG helped launch them with style and panache, and a large dose of FUN.

  • Disney

    This gourmet coffee shop lends a great start to a day at
    Disneyland with a variety of quick and delicious breakfast items
    and hot steamy coffee.


    If you’re a parent running around Disneyland all day after your tireless children, you might need a strong dose of caffeine to endure the rest of the day…or need a moment of peace and quiet to enjoy some freshly brewed joe right outside the park’s gates. Disney hired EDG to give them an energy boost with a new coffee/café brand, “The Coffee House”, located at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California. “The Coffee House” is just another way the world of Disney warms
    the hearts (and the tummy’s) of their park visitors by offering a fresh brewed cup of coffee, with a special Disney touch. EDG had the pleasure of creating this distinctive mark represented on all of the store collateral including cups, napkins, employee aprons, and packaging. The exterior, as well as the interior of the store, boasts this handsome neon sign used to draw their customers in with more than jus a rich Colombian aroma.