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The difference becomes clear when you look
at EcoDisc’s carbon footprint.

Website Design

EDG designed and developed the website for an innovative, environmentally friendly product, EcoDisc, which has successful positioned itself to replace traditional DVDs and CDs with a 52% less carbon footprint than it’s predecessor. Partnering with
Fraser Communications, EDG’s web team designed and developed a site to showcase EcoDisc’s unique assets and help their launch in North America.
This wafer thin EcoDisc is extremely flexible and only consists of one layer of plastic (polycarbonate) instead of the two bonded layers that make up a traditional DVD
or CD. It not only uses half the raw materials but it’s also completely free
of non-biodegradable toxic bonder. The amazing revolutionary disc also requires
half the energy in production and the thinner EcoDisc reduces the transport volume from factory to the consumer, thereby reducing freight cost and conserving fuel. Are you seeing green yet? When it comes to the
end of its life cycle, the EcoDisc can easily be recycled at specialized facilities.

To represent this cutting edge phenomenon, EDG developed an ultra clean website featuring Flash animated messaging
as well as an interactive CO2 calculator
that instantaneously displays the
positive environment impact of each
customer’s order.

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