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  • EDG Promotions

    Smooth, vibrant, bold, just like a fine wine. EDG chose to deliver a gift for the holidays from Baena, Spain— a premier extra virgin olive oil that our clients cherished.


    Whether you’ve been a recipient or not
    over the years from EDG’s holiday promos,
    you might appreciate all of the extensive research, time and energy we put into these handsome pieces that showcase our design skills to acknowledge our clients. For instance, when researching where the
    best olive oil comes from in the world, we discovered most people, including us, think Italy and Greece first. However, what we found out is that Spain is the largest
    olive oil producer in the world. We also stumbled upon and area located near the
    Mediterranean Sea that delivers some of
    the oldest and best olive oil bodegas in the region, the Nunez de Prado, where extra-virgin oil has been produced since 1795
    in a totally traditional way. We ultimately imported a certified organic, 100% virgin olive oil from this region, and created a distinctive EDG holiday label to adorn this handsome bottle.
    Although many look forward to our practical or more whimsical holiday promos, this exquisite bottle of olive oil was a more elegant approach—and was received with equal praise. Certified organic and esteemed by connoisseurs to be one of the world’s finest olive oils, EDG was delighted to share this epicurean delight with clients, vendors and friends.

  • EDG Promotions

    No effort is ever too small or too great.


    Beyond receiving generous thank yous and accolades from our clients for our creative holiday promotions, we’ve happen to grab
    a few awards along the way with our efforts
    as well. Our Sustainable Hemp Bag and Booklet proved to not only bring smiles to our client’s faces, but turn the judges heads as well. We marked our three decades of producing sustainable branding solutions
    for our clients with this highly functional
    bag and cool hemp paper booklet. Our goal was to practice walking the walk and talking the talk about sustainability and the fragile world we all share, beyond switching to more efficient light bulbs and turning down thermostats and operating with solar power. Our hemp paper booklet spoke about sustainable options that propel their
    brand and our commitment to further environmental awareness. In the end, EDG firmly believes that we’re all in this together. As Stan says, “I’m thrilled if you received this promotion, but if not, why not choose
    a reusable bag the next time you visit the farmers market, the beach, or wherever you’re headed. It feels good to be a part
    of a cleaner future.”

  • EDG Promotions

    From initial innovation, to total panic and ultimately eleventh hour inspiration, the EDG millennium clock comically illustrated the life of an EDG designer.


    What better way to commemorate the New Millennium than with a new clock? Not just
    a typical 12-hour clock, but receiving one of eight different designed faces, all illustrating the life of a designer at Evenson Design Group. This promotional time keeping gift was sent out to nearly 500 people.

    If you look closely at each clock face,
    you’ll see the typical EDG designer around midnight sleeping peacefully. Then dawn hits and they jump out of bed, brush their teeth, and drive happily to work. All is good while the designer enjoys their first cup of coffee of the day. But then it hits…the infamous CREATIVE BLOCK! Eeeeekkk! Yes, this clock face is etched with stress, frazzled nerves, and desperation, but eventually inspiration, empowerment and celebration during this grueling 12-hour creative process. At the end of it all, each EDG designer ultimately comes out smelling like roses and celebrating with a glass of champagne as the client praises the final concept. Then, of course, back to bed again to start the process rolling again, and again, and again.