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Fox Sports Media Group

Is there room for another sports channel on an overly saturated sports network? Fox felt confident enough to declare that there is and chose EDG to help launch it.


So make room ESPN and ESPN2
because Fox Sports 1 will be launching in the summer of 2013. The strategic game plan began back in the mid 2012, knowing certain relationships would need to be reinforced, ensuring the new channel would be given a solid foundation and backing to launch. Realizing this presentation had to embody FOX Sports Media innovation and
edge, the group turned to EDG knowing
the firm could create all the heart stopping visuals for this major pitch, that included
a deck of 45 animated Keynote slides sandwiched between two sizzler videos. With News Corp Chairman, Chase Carey, and Fox Sports Chairman, David Hill,
along with top-level Fox Sports executives pitching, this presentation was a huge success that turned the heads of NASCAR who ultimately agreed to team up with Fox. Since then, EDG has continued to assist Fox Sports Media with Keynote sales pitches for their sales teams to win advertisers and sponsors. EDG works closely with their clients to create a
winning formula every time.

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