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Kaulua Hawaiian Chocolate

Bean-to-bar organic artisan chocolate at its finest.

Brand Identity and Packaging

Aloha from the friendly chocolate makers on the island of Kauai, Paddy Kean, and her husband, Spencer McDonald. This socially and environmentally conscious couple left the mainland and their successful film and television industry careers behind to seek a more peaceful and environmentally friendly life as confectioners where the traditional cacao bean grows and thrives. Kaulua Hawaiian Chocolate is sustainable in that
all of the ingredients are organic and locally grown. EDG created a distinctive identity for the Kaulua brand. Kaulua is the Hawaiian translation of “Sirius,“ the navigational star for ancient voyagers of Polynesia and Hawaii. Using graphic patterns and rich colors for the beans and the leaves from
the Cacao tree, this delicious brand delivers an understated, yet traditional Hawaiian
look and feel.