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New England Patriots

Was it the football legends or the powerfully robust logo
that EDG created that led the “Pats” to greatness?

Brand Identity and Uniform Design

Was it the arrival of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in 2000 or was it the redesign of the New England Patriots’ “Pat Patriot” logo and uniforms back in the early 90’s that lifted this NFL team out of mediocrity and turned them into one of the most winning teams in NFL history? While others may argue, we here at EDG think it’s the brand identity
we created that put their team consistently through the uprights and have kept them on track with five appearances in the Super Bowl and three Super Bowl Championships ever since. EDG designers took an All-American color palette of red, white, blue, and silver, and classic images of stars and stripes, and the heroic patriot and ran with it, ultimately creating an identity that is as strong as this NFL team has shown on
the field. The real kicker though was when Robert Kraft personally selected our logo
to adorn his team’s helmets and jerseys.