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Simplify. Modify. Beautify. That’s the mantra for Oscapes, a sleek and efficient desk accessory product line which EDG named and branded for their umbrella company, VuRyte.

Naming, Brand Identity, Packaging and Interactive Media

VuRyte wanted to expand their product line of stylistic and ergonomically correct desk accessories into retail outlets beyond their established wholesale market and asked EDG to develop a new name for their new retail division. An extensive naming exploration was developed and presented, and ultimately Oscapes was chosen. Additionally, EDG created Oscapes
sub-brands names with “MemoScape”
and “StudioScape”, along with descriptive taglines, and product logos for their new retail packaging. Along with art directing
and styling several product photo shoots for packaging and advertising, EDG created a animated instructional video demonstrating the complexities and different product configurations Oscapes offered for retailers’ and distributors websites. Ultimately, the end results of EDG’s all-encompassing approach proved to exceed all expectations when the product were embraced by retailers and their customers.