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Razor made a riptacular decision by enrolling EDG to redesign
their existing Ripstik packaging series: The Classic, DLX,
and “The Grinder.”


This unique caster board received the Toy
of the Year (TOYT) when it was initially introduced, however, Razor’s packaging wasn’t up to the challenge a product with such success demanded. With several structural flaws, the boxes were often damaged by the time they reached the
store shelf. In addition, the graphics needed a facelift and the board had unique design aspects that needed to be featured viewable through the package. Thus the challenge was great; find a way to achieve a formidable shelf impact that appealed
to the young and fickle Ripstik demographic, prominently featured the board’s unique pivoting deck and grinding bar, while creating a structure that was both strong and compact. In the end, EDG designers engineered a triangular carton that dramatically reduced the amount of corrugated e-flute, was significantly
stronger than its predecessor’s traditional box, and had stellar graphics to boot. Most impressively, the compact design allowed Razor to pack 50% more product into every freight container.