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  • St. Francis Medical Center

    A vision realized, a dream come true to serve the healthcare
    and social needs: body, mind, and spirit of the communities of
    Southeast Los Angeles.


    St. Francis Medical Center celebrated the end of a massive 16-year project with the completion of an nine-story, 265,000 sq. ft. Patient Tower. To paint a lively, engaging face on the celebration they hired EDG to design a comprehensive visual identity for their chosen theme “A Vision Realized.“ Marketing collateral included vibrant banners for the tower and surrounding streets, invitations to VIP’s, and a bilingual newsletter for the surrounding multi-
    cultural community of Lynnwood.

  • St. Francis Medical Center

    Temporary signage that’s still standing.


    There was constant flux during major construction at St. Francis Medical Center and a definite need to give visitors a friendly and effective way to navigate their ever-changing routes. What better way to do this was to enroll 32 children from the St. Francis Children’s Advisory Board,
    dressed them as hospital staff and give them directional arrows to hold. Life-size signage was fabricated and strategically placed throughout the hospital. Visitors immediately responded with enthusiasm, and as one visitor remarked, “I know exactly where I am because I recognize this cute young man!” This temporary signage program was so popular that the hospital made them permanent pieces.

  • St. Francis Medical Center

    St. Francis Medical Center reached out to mothers-to-be in the surrounding community with open arms to say…make us your Sweet Beginning destination for all your maternity care.

    Sweet Beginnings

    St. Francis Medical Center is a not-for-profit hospital servicing the Southern California community and located in Lynwood, CA. This prestigious and renown medical facility often, however, unintentionally alienated or intimated many of the families in the surrounding area by its sheer towering presence of reflective glass and steel, thus many lower income families assumed St. Francis wasn’t affordable or appropriate for them, especially when it came to
    giving birth.

    SFMC hired EDG to develop the “Sweet Beginnings” or in Spanish, “Dulce Comienzo” campaign to appeal to a broad range of mother’s-to-be from lower to middle income and up. The campaign expresses that St. Francis has been there from the very beginning and cares deeply about the health for their family and families to be. This branding campaign started with a lovable and compassionate photo of 5 babies together of different ethnicities with messaging in both English and Spanish. Bright and bold colors and graphics adorned everything from their gift baskets, maternity and parenting pre-registration forms, multi-fold brochures, class schedules, gift cards, book marks, folders, as well as the web page header. Finally, a Sweet Beginnings interactive printed calendar was designed for the mother-to-be, encouraging her to track her status during her pregnancy with cute stickers and areas for notes and dates. All in all, this campaign succeeded by bringing in an overwhelming community response of new mothers, their families and the community. Through the collaboration of SFMC’s physicians, nurses, and entire health care team, they are on our way to reaching their goal by joining the more than 19,000 “Baby Friendly” hospitals and birthing centers worldwide.

  • St. Francis Medical Center

    Paying it forward with boundless energy and generosity,
    The St. Francis Charity Ball helps provide resources that will ensure that SFMC is able to bring dignity and hope to life in Los Angeles.

    St. Francis Charity Ball

    Each year the St. Francis Medical Center Foundation helps a large number of individuals and families by providing comprehensive, excellent healthcare that is compassionate and attentive to the whole person: body, mind and spirit. The SFMC Foundation promotes healthy families, responsible stewardship of the environment, and a just society through value-based relationships and community-based collaboration. But this effort doesn’t come without generous donations from all who attend this prestigious annual gala event; The St. Francis Charity Ball. For many years, Evenson Design Group collaborated with the Foundation, and created themed artwork for the Charity Ball with exciting
    and inviting collateral, from save-the-date postcards to elegant invitations and auction programs that attracted a minimum of 500 people annually. Ultimately, our time and energy was our gift back to St. Francis as it continually raises up to a quarter of a million dollars for these very noble and worthy causes every year.