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If you're looking for a place to “seduce your senses” then it's about time you discover a timelessly quaint wine bar and restaurant on Melrose Ave: Vinotéque.


Originally there was Synergy, a successful coffee house and performance space in
the heart of Culver City which featured live music from talented musicians of all kinds. Eventually, the two entrepreneurs who started Synergy realized their greater vision to open a local restaurant serving hand-selected premium wines and European fare and to continue to feature live music in an intimate lounge setting. This new business venture allowed the owners to serve up more than just lattes and cappuccinos,
and together they formed Vinotéque,
a wine lover and gourmet foody destination. Vinotéque later moved from their smaller café style location in Culver City to the prime location of Melrose Ave in the heart
of West Hollywood. EDG developed a unique brand identity that fused images
of wine and music in a uniquely designed
logo along with business cards, signage and advertising. On the music side of things, EDG created a stunning CD package called Synergy Collective featuring the eclectic talent spotlighted at the original Synergy Café and at Vinotéque.