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The Revenge of the Electric Car

We have a living hero in our Westside neighborhood of Culver City. Chris Paine, environmentalist and documentary film maker, is the writer and director of the acclaimed documentary, “Who Killed the Electric Car”, and now the recently released, “The Revenge of the Electric Car”. The original is a must see, and the sequel is another mega docu-hit, featuring four key individuals who are making a huge impact in this world by developing alternative energy vehicles for ultimate mass production. From cigar smoking, build it bigger and faster, Bob Lutz of General Motors finally embracing the Chevy Volt, to independent, local LA boy, Gadget’s passion for converting existing cars into electric vehicles, the trials and tribulations each of the featured individuals has faced is inspiring. There’s good news on the horizon though, but what an uphill battle it’s been. We are thrilled to see that the auto industry is finally realizing the grand significance of the electric car after doing such a surreptitious job of destroying the EV1 in 2003. Thank you Chris for delivering another great piece that quite possibly can help change what kinds of cars we choose from now on. It’s changed ours.

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April 17, 2011