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Mid-Day Brain Break

You never know what you might walk into when you enter the space at Evenson Design Group. These series of photos attached feature our client, Eva Nemeth, Founder of the umbrella brand EVA; Energy, Vision, Action, with the worker bees at EDG. In a mid-day brain break, Eva orchestrates movement exercises with small red playground balls to activate brain cells, build strength and flexibility and promote teamwork. (You can use blue balls too…it just takes more balls though). Eva, originally from Budapest, Hungary, has been working with individuals, corporations, and providing workshops ever since she sold her physiotherapy business she created back in the early 90s in Marina Del Rey, CA. EVA has also a created a unique and effective movement system called Sustainable Movement, the Ecology of the Body, and is continually finding ways to engage her clients, and train the trainers, in preventive medicine before it’s too late. EDG developed the EVA brand from the ground up, inside and out, side to side, and backwards and forwards. Whew!! So, before you suffer from a case of painful carpal tunnel, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, or you’re just too pooped out before the end of day to even click your mouse one more time, then check out Eva’s offerings at As Eva says, “csak csináld!”

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March 7, 2012

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