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SBC Industry Sustainability Awards

Building sustainable business and awareness is often overlooked. However, on Wednesday, April 18th, some of the most prodigious sustainable companies in Southern California were appropriately recognized at the SBC Industry Achievement Awards. And EDG is proud to have been included in the list of finalists up for SBC’s Sustainable Business Award.

An exuberant crowd of sustainable business people and earth day revelers attended the inaugural SBC Industry Achievement Awards ceremony on Earth Day, honoring Southern California’s leading environmental businesses at Santa Monica Lexus. The SBC Giving Tree Awards, a Ficus Bonsai in Bamboo planters, symbolizes the SBC’s sustainable message. According to co-founder of the Sustainable Business Council and board member Laura Berland-Shane, “I was inspired to see such a talented, successful and diverse group of businesses and industries embracing the principles of sustainability in their daily lives and workplaces.”

Awards were given to recipients in the following categories:
SBC’s Lifetime Achievement in Sustainability Award
SBC’s Lifetime Business Achievement Award
SBC’s People’s Choice Award: Inaugural Category: Sustainable Restaurants
SBC’s Sustainable Business Award

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April 25, 2012