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Stay Aglow!

(To be sung to the melody of “Let It Snow!”)

Oh… global warming can be so frightful

But being optimistic is delightful

A large carbon footprint has to go

Don’t tiptoe! Let it show! Let it flow!


It doesn’t show signs of stopping

So we all must get on board and hopping

Spread the word, lend a hand, do your part

Show what you know! Heave ho! Don’t forego!


When we finally say good night

How we’ll see we have truly transformed!

If we all really do it right

Our children will benefit from our reform.


13 can be our lucky number

The year we wake from our slumber

And truly love our planet earth so

This we can’t blow! Stay aglow! Way to go!


Let it show! Let it grow! Stay aglow! 


Wishing you a green and glowing new year.

May your generosity and spirit bring you

great joy, peace and prosperity in 2013.


From Evenson Design Group

Stan, Tricia, Brittney and Pete 

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January 21, 2013