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Spellbound for positive change.

HypnoMovement is more than putting someone under a spell, rather, synchronizing one’s mind with their body for positive changes and results.

Physical therapy practitioner, movement educator, and hypnotherapist, Eva Nemeth, doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet for very long. She is always on the move adding skills and modalities to her practice, continually providing transformative services to her loyal clientele.

Eva began her professional career as a gymnast and later taught modern dance and rhythmic gymnastics. Gymnastics and dance taught her how to move her body, and her rigorous education in physiotherapy allowed her to ultimately become an intuitive practitioner of the human body. Together this combination enabled Eva to be in high demand as a physical therapist and movement educator for more than 30 years.

EDG was hired to design a distinctive brand identity and direct mail campaign for her original business; Marina Physical Therapy.



And just a few years later we assisted her by developing a brand new identity and website for her holistic body awareness program called the EVA Movement (Energy, Vision, and Action).





More recently, Eva added to her menu of capabilities, HypnoMovement, where she poses the question, “The mind and body are speaking…are you listening?”…and once again, EDG was there to give her new endeavor a bold look that synergistically works alongside the EVA Movement brand.

So no matter if you’re an avid yogi, a weekend warrior, a couch potato, have serious health issues or need a strong dose of behavior modification or stress reduction, Eva custom designs a program for each individual that promotes healthful new behaviors and a vital and enriched connection to the body. Clients naturally look and feel better working with EVA and as a result, have newfound energy and confidence.

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February 28, 2014

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