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Grey matter care instructions not included.

There were no care instructions included for that precious mass of soft pink nervous tissue called the brain when we first arrived on planet earth. And even as we baby boomers move towards the retirement years, we still don’t readily think of the importance of brain health. We are only now beginning to realize how critical it is to care for our brains, especially with the increasing incidence of brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Enter Siddhi, an experienced transformational teacher and healer, yogi, and founder of the recently launched movement, The Brain Cleanse, to the rescue. The Brain Cleanse is comprised of various modalities of movement, exercise, mantra, mudra, yoga, journaling, and the use of turmeric, all designed to nourish and awaken the power of the brain for optimal health and longevity.

With over three decades as a practicing yogi and teacher trainer of yoga with hundreds of dedicated followers, Siddhi and her husband, Stefan Hermann, enrolled EDG to brand this new startup company. The Brain Cleanse will eventually become a worldwide phenomenon as the word spreads about the importance of sustaining one’s brain health by offering a variety of locations and facilitators with certifications and supplements at spas, hotels, assisted living facilities, luxury residential settings and yoga studios.

Long live the brain and the rest of your vital parts!


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March 11, 2014

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